Jorise Lee: HatYai ani. trip.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

HatYai ani. trip.


Sorry for the late post cause recently I've been busy and barely staying at home to online.
So! Me and boyfie was planing to go KL celebrating our Anniversary two weeks ago but at last I told him I wanted to go Hat Yai. haha! When you think of hat yai, you will think of Lee Garden plaza, central mall and Pattai night market.right? It's a shopping heaven for most people! If you don't compare with the quality, everything there were so cheap! We just went for two days one night staying at Lee Garden Hotel. Seriously two days for me are enough to walk the whole Hat Yai most famous place. lol.

For the first day, a 'hunting' day for us. Day walk around the road for foods and stuffs, then to lee gardens plaza. And then night we went to the night market.

Love this "Koay Chap" at the night market.

Chicken rice? if not mistaken? lol

this is seriously my most favorite one! BBQ pork.
First day was just shop shop and eat and shop., but I just bought few tops and shorts only, most money were all spent for FOODS. wtf.  

Day 2 @ Hat Yai.
Pop-eyes Top from Pancoat Mstore. Red is my favorite colour!
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Well, we woke up pretty early for the morning market, and then noon we went to Shabu-Shi for our lunch. They provide Shabu-Shabu and Sushi Buffet there and we have to done our dine within 1 hour 15mins. lolll.. Each person is only around 300++baht.

I was thinking, either than shopping and walking around on the same street, do we still have any other places which we can go? in my mind. I was thinking, I wanna go see elephants! lol. So After lunch, we're on our way to Ice dome and Chang Puak Camp as planned.

Oh Oh, didn't mentioned before that baby was the driver! haha We used to drive to hatyai our self by car. Referring to the map guiding us to the ice dome and elephants!lolll..

At the ice dome, all warmed up and done! except for my shoes!!! T.T

Baby pretending to be cold. lol!

Inside is really COLD!! I did not know and did not prepare any shoes. I can't feel any of my toes inside. It' too cold! @@

ICE BAR. loll

You can't imagine how's the feeling when you got into the super cold room and came out it's super hot weather. I feel so numb to my skin that day, can't even feel anything for like 10mins. thank god im still alive. wtf. lollll

Next station, to Chang Puak Camp. Elephants! haha


 While riding an elephant, it's like an earthquake came. lol

Free fruit and drinks provided.

Photo's that I collected. It's not free ok! we have to buy it.loll  this is how they earn from tourists, if you like it you buy it. but for me, I will buy no matter nice or not... cause it's for memories;)

That's all for today's post. Thanks for reading!:D

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