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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

DIGI NEW Prepaid Plan!

Great news to all DIGI user! 

Digi prepaid users can now enjoy unlimited services for talking, surfing and streaming from as low as RM1/day! Wow!! I'm so happy & excited while receiving this great deals from Digi! 

Me as a mobile phone addict, I surf alot, watch youtube and also snapchat alot. As you all know this two web/application that uses alot of data and I always run out of data. ALWAYS. I have to purchase extra data again as I couldn't wait every month for the data to auto renew. I don't know about you, but I have this problem of finding wifi everywhere I go. I suppose someone which is reading now having the same problem like me as well, am I right? lol 
ikr, it is really frustrate and inconvenient while your in need of data to online or the line is running slow. 

But with the new digi prepaid plan, I can now serve more and I don't have to worry to be disconnected. I can also make voice/video call with my friends & family, and always connected anytime, anywhere! I can also snapchat alot without worrying the finish of data, with the new Digi plan! Now I don't need to find wifi anymore. Thanks Digi you're my lifesaver!
YEAP! Prepaid plan users can get a choice of unlimited video streaming and unlimited Social or Unlimited Internet Calls via WhatsApp, WeChat and etc etc for only RM1/DAY!
Also you can get either unlimited internet (Lite) or Unlimited calls within Digi’s network at only RM3/DAY.  You can make video and voice calls all day long. And For RM8 per day, prepaid user can enjoy unlimited high speed internet or unlimited calls to all network for a single day!
But do take note that the “Lite” offering is comes with a speed cap of 512kbps which is not full speed. It is optimal for standard definition streaming such as youtube, tonton & so on. 

So what are you waiting for, don't miss this great offers from digi!
And to subscribe, simply dial  *116*2# and select Internet Offers. The passes are valid for 24 hours upon activation.

For more details on this services can be reviewed on Digi official website.

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