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Friday, 18 August 2017

MUJI sensitive skin care.

As by request, I'm so excited to share my current favourite Skin Care Products to you guys. 
For someone who has sensitive skin, I have spent a lot of time doing trail with lots of different products to determining the best routine for sensitive skin care. 

Before I start, first of all, you have to know what are your skin types are, then only you can find the most suitable products according to your skin types. Most common skin types which happens to be concerned by most people is combination skin/sensitive skin. 

My skin type is combination, sensitive skin. My skin may become oily mid-day in the t-zone. Even though it may feel dehydrated and tight at times, but still produce oil. Yet sometimes, my skin can become temporarily sensitized because of changes in the weather (exp: get very itchy and redness sometimes) or after an aggressive professional treatment.

My skin has also been extra sensitive lately mainly because of hormone changes or because of the hot humid weather. However, my latest skin care product happens to have given me some of the best skin I have had in a long time and I am happy to share my favourite with you! 

Muji Sensitive Skin Care series!
Just in case you didn't know, MUJI is a Japanese household retail company and they made really good and high quality products. But to be honest, when I saw the beauty section in the store, I was a lil bit sceptical because MUJI is a household retail store, why would I buy their skin care products? hmm... But I do know they made high quality products, so I decided to give them a try!

I also love that each product from the Sensitive Skin range is unscented and that the ingredients are carefully selected, making MUJI skincare suitable for people with very sensitive skin.

So for my daily skin care routine, the first thing I'm gonna use is Cleansing milk. But before that, I do use facial wipes to wipe off all the dirt and make up on my face, following with cleansing milk. And it also doesn't have mineral oil, alcohol or fragrance added to it so I really like it!  

I just need 1-2 pumps to cleanse my whole face and it is non greasy at all.  

Muji have few types of cleanser, but I choose Muji face soap to lather the cream bubbles with Muji's face washing net. But why using face washing net since you can use only face soap ?
so here's why:
Many Japanese beauty magazines advocate that you wash your face with bubbles, not your fingers. Your fingers should not be touching your skin directly when you wash your face. Instead, there should be a layer of creamy lather because the pressure from your fingers on your skin will create wrinkles. This may be strange for many non-Japanese people, but I found by using this method, the creamy lather cleanser can penetrate more deeper into our skin and you can feel your skin is smoother, softer and cleaner!
So here's how to create creamy lather:
Wet the net and put a suitable amount of face soap on top of the net.

Then rub the net between your hands.

You’ll immediately see that the cleanser foams up, creating creamy bubbles.
Make a fist around the net and start pulling the ring end through your thumb and forefinger

Tadaaa! The lather should look like this and if you do it right, it wont fall at all.
It's actually very easy and fun!

Rub the lather onto your face with circular movement and rinse off.
Remember DO NOT use the net as a washcloth and don’t rub the net against your face.

Light toning water is made from natural mineral water from Japan. I don't know how you feel about toner, but some other brand I'd used before, they actually have sticky feel which is so annoying and uncomfortable. But this doesn't leave such issues, and especially you attached with the spray mist top,  It feel so light and almost feel like sprinting water that also balance your PH.

Muji lotion Sheet mask! I really love this and it's easy to apply.

Place the compressed sheet mask in the cap, 
fill the cap with toning water, and watch as the sheet soaks up the toner and expands to its full size.

Once saturated, the sheets unfold easily into moisturising face packs.
Align the eye holes and spread the sheet over your face.

Leave it for about 5 to 10 minutes for additional moisture to your usual skincare.
I love this cause it feels like I'm treating myself so well like for 5 mins. hahah 

Next item that I'm obsessed about is the Moisturising Milk which is quite interesting to me. I know this has been in the market for awhile now, never got to using them because I am very particular when it comes to skin care, I only stick to what I know. lol

So I was really pleased that I'm able to try it. 
This moisturising milk was pretty amazing because it gives you the lightness with moisture. 

If you have slightly combination dry or sensitive skin like me, but you still want to get the moisture, this is the good product to get the right amount of moisture.

So, who say you can only use one skin care during day and night?
actually you can change them alternatively depends on how you feel to your skin. My skin can turns very oily or very dry sometimes may be because of the weather and environment, which is why I do owned few types of moisturiser at home.

This moisturising cream I'll use it when I feel my skin is very dry, and I apply this at night as a night cream, and it actually surprise me when I leave it overnight, wake up the next morning and not finding my skin sticky at all. It actually make my skin really smooth and I do think it is quite hydrating too.

This All in one essence combined 3 skin care steps all into one is by far my favourite skin care product. This substitute for the toner, moisturiser and essence it's so convenient I can apply only this and go out when I was in a rush or lazy to apply so much skin care to my skin (sometimes). hahah 
It's such a good multipurpose products and I really like it.

So that's all the Muji products that I tried and I have to say I am really impressed by the good quality like they're made of natural mineral water. 

NO mineral oil added, NO fragrance, NO alcohol added and you can feel that these products on your skin are really good. I really can say that muji household retail store does made a really good skin care products.  

And that's all for today, I hope you do enjoy reading my post. =) xoxo.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Styling with MUJI linen.

I love wearing outfit that is comfortable, simple and clean. And today, I will be going to share with you about MUJI linen wear which is one of the Japanese brand that I really adore.

If you don't know about MUJI, it is originally founded in Japan in 1980, they offers a wide variety of good quality products including household goods, apparel and food. Mujirushi Ryohin, MUJI in Japanese, translates as “no-brand quality goods.”

MUJI linen is made of natural fibre, its an ideal fabric for hot and sweaty weather with its highly absorbent and quick drying. For more softness, the more wash it has, the smoother it gets; and the longer you wear it, the softer it feels.

To me, simple and clean is the perfect, comfortable outfit and that is why I love MUJI. It show its style as simplicity and emptiness yield the ultimate universality. Cooling to wear in the hot humid weather. 

Scroll down for some of Muji's linen outfits:

Webpage Blog ;
• Facebook ;
• Instagram (@mujimy)

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

DIGI NEW Prepaid Plan!

Great news to all DIGI user! 

Digi prepaid users can now enjoy unlimited services for talking, surfing and streaming from as low as RM1/day! Wow!! I'm so happy & excited while receiving this great deals from Digi! 

Me as a mobile phone addict, I surf alot, watch youtube and also snapchat alot. As you all know this two web/application that uses alot of data and I always run out of data. ALWAYS. I have to purchase extra data again as I couldn't wait every month for the data to auto renew. I don't know about you, but I have this problem of finding wifi everywhere I go. I suppose someone which is reading now having the same problem like me as well, am I right? lol 
ikr, it is really frustrate and inconvenient while your in need of data to online or the line is running slow. 

But with the new digi prepaid plan, I can now serve more and I don't have to worry to be disconnected. I can also make voice/video call with my friends & family, and always connected anytime, anywhere! I can also snapchat alot without worrying the finish of data, with the new Digi plan! Now I don't need to find wifi anymore. Thanks Digi you're my lifesaver!
YEAP! Prepaid plan users can get a choice of unlimited video streaming and unlimited Social or Unlimited Internet Calls via WhatsApp, WeChat and etc etc for only RM1/DAY!
Also you can get either unlimited internet (Lite) or Unlimited calls within Digi’s network at only RM3/DAY.  You can make video and voice calls all day long. And For RM8 per day, prepaid user can enjoy unlimited high speed internet or unlimited calls to all network for a single day!
But do take note that the “Lite” offering is comes with a speed cap of 512kbps which is not full speed. It is optimal for standard definition streaming such as youtube, tonton & so on. 

So what are you waiting for, don't miss this great offers from digi!
And to subscribe, simply dial  *116*2# and select Internet Offers. The passes are valid for 24 hours upon activation.

For more details on this services can be reviewed on Digi official website.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Love & Co. The Diamond of Love.

This will be quite random for me to talk about jewelry because I had ZERO knowledge about jewelry or diamonds and I hardly wear them. To me as a beautician, jewelries are so inconvenient for me to wear them because either I can't wearing them during treatment or I'll lost them by forgetting where I left them T.T  ikr! This always happens to me. ahh I got to self-criticise and I can't blame anyone but for my carelessness that should not happen. =/ not often wearing jewelries and sometimes my friend say that I'm too plain. loll.  

A few days back, I had the privilege to visit Love & Co. showroom for their Media event @ The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur.

Love & Co. is a premier jeweller with international standing that herald a unique brand concept. The specialist in couple bands, diamond solitaires. It is known as a bespoke bridal jewellery specialist that provides customisation services.

And to be honest, I wouldn't randomly go into the jewelries stores to buy myself rings nor necklace, because I always thought that these stores are for people who wanted to buy wedding rings for propose or for couples to buy wedding bands.

Beautiful roses for each of us. =D

 and the day starts out with some refreshment & deserts.

I actually enjoyed myself looking at the various ring trying them on.
Do you guys know that there are rules of wearing rings on fingers? Well, I don't really understand or aware that there are rules for wearing rings. Seriously no. I just tried accordingly to the ring that can fit to any of my fingers, thats it. HAHAHA (now u know why I don't wear jewelries/rings) because I think I'm doing it in the wrong way. SO awkward. LOL

Love & co. jewelries actually can be customise to fit your needs, or materials to suit your skin tone and so on. They also have rings with comfort fit so that it is more comfortable to wear.

So moving along, we got to browse and try out different rings.
From the explanation by the experts,
Putting on ring on the middle finger is for couples who are not yet marry.

Wearing ring like this is for those who are married/ for engagement ring.
btw, one thing that caught my eye is this beautiful ribbon ring. I do love this so so much!!

look at all those beautiful ringssss

And their lovely packaging with 4 roses that made of thin soap. Yes thin soap! So when you open up the box it smells flagrantly, I'm sure she would definitely say YES! hahh

After browsing and trying out all those beautiful rings, getting alot of knowledge about jewelries & diamonds. Moving on with expert explained about the Love & Co.'s signature LVC Lovemark collection. It is a classic example of commitment to celebrate your love with the ultimate brilliance it deserves.

Every LVC Lovemark diamond comes with an internationally recognised digital report by Sarine Technologies. Based on four key parameters – Brilliance, Sparkle, Fire and Light Symmetry, the perfect guide to ensure that you are walking away with a diamond that sparkles as brightly as your love.

Their LVC Lovemark Range. ❤❤

Love & Co. are now proudly announced with whole new Digitalized Diamond Shopping Experience in Asia!!

They are the first jeweller in Asia to adopt the Sarine Profile by Sarine Technologies Ltd- a unique digitalised experience with comprehensive digital diamond reports that enhances the diamond shopping experience for customer.

Don't worry if you are the first time buying diamonds or lack of knowledge about diamondsLove & Co. will provides customer with instant access to a diamond information as well as to help them better understand the unique qualities of every LVC Lovemark diamond. 

No one never looked at a diamond and understood what each cut means right? 
To me, diamonds are all just sparkly and shining. But with this enhanced digital diamond experience, it helps customers analyse the diamond’s beauty objectively and scientifically, beyond the conventional 4C grading parameters ( Cut, Clarity, Colour, Carat ), and it easily accessible through the internet. 


Diamonds are foreverrrr

Customised bear by Love & Co. and Look how cute they are!!! They will be provided for the customer who buy proposal ring in any Love & Co. outlet.

A closer look. AWWWW

With some of the bloggers and the Love & Co. team. 
Thank you all the stuffs in Love & Co. for being so friendly, kind and patient for explaining all those details to us. Really appreciate. 

Thank you Love & Co. for hosting this amazing event! We definitely had a great time learning more about the diamonds!

Website :  

Also you can visit their outlet at :
- The Gardens Mall, 
- One Utama Shopping Centre, 
- Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre, 
- City Square, Johor Bahru 
- Gurney Plaza, Penang 

It's time to visit Love & Co. outlet for free consultation! <3